Thursday, December 25, 2008

KL Open 2008 in the local newspaper !

This is quite late but i think it's still good to note that local chess news was in the main stream newspaper again ! On 22nd December. BERNAMA.Com (above) and Utusan Malaysia (below)publish an article about the closing ceremony of the KL Open 2008 .

GM Analysis in KL Open 2008 !

While waiting for the official closing ceremony of the KL Open 2008 start, a bunch of GM's and IMs analysed an endgame position which i think must arise from some of their game. Indonesian GM Susanto Megaranto was defending the black side in a difficult and tricky endgame position. In the end, he managed to defend a rook + two pawns ( a & h pawn) against rook . The others GM's and title players lead by FM Sebastian Simanjuntak and GM Dao Tien Hai were amused how white can't win the position in the end.

My fellow friend - The GM killer - "Mr. Fritz" indicate that the "Megaranto's position" is a win for white. Although according to endings theory books, some position is drawn. Unfortunately, the video didn't cover the whole analysed . But lets have a look.

King + Rook + 2 pawns ( a & h) vs King + rook
KL Open, 24.12.2008

Analysed by Hairulov and Fritz 11

FM Sebastian Simanjuntak suggest 1.Nxg4 Fritz 11 show the correct move 1..Bc1! which free white rook from defending the bishop and at the same time black pawn at h6 will drop, however i'm more interested to analysed the resulting rook + 2 pawn ( a and h ) vs rook endgame which arise after 1...Rxb2+ 2.Rxb2 Rxg4 3.Rb6 Rg2? With hindsight, this move looks like a mistake . Black can have strong drawing chances with 3...Rg3 4.Ka2 Rg2+ 5.Kb3 (5.Rb2?! Rg5 6.Rh2 Kd6) 5...Rg3+ 6.Ka4 Rg4+ Just checking white's king untill 7.Rb4 the rook have to left the 6th rank and black h6 pawn will not be captured. (If 7.Ka5 Rg5+ 8.Rb5 White rook have to left 6th rank anyway so the h6 pawn is still safe. 8...Rg4; 7.Ka5 Rg5+ 8.Rb5 Rg4 transpose.) 7...Rg5 8.Rb5 Rg4+ 9.Ka5 Rh4 4.Rxh6 Now black is winning, however GM Megaranto who defending the black side during the analysis manage to draw it against others( GM Dao Tien Hai + FM Sebastian Simanjuntak..etc !) . 4...Rh2 5.a4 Kd7 6.a5 Kc7 7.a6 Kb8 8.Kc1 Ka7 9.Kd1 Kb8 10.Ke1 Ka7 11.Kf1 Kb8 12.Kg1 Rh4 13.Kg2 Ka7 14.Kg3 Rh1 15.Kg4 Rg1+ ½–½

Unfortunately here i can't remember how the analysed goes on but after a couple of moves ( and take back !) by both side, Megaranto managed to show that it's a drawn endgame. Anybody can prove that it's a win for white?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

KL Open Final Crosstable 2008

Rk. Name Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd 6.Rd 7.Rd 8.Rd 9.Rd Pts. TB1
1 GM Filippov Anton 2543 UZB 47w1 18s1 7w1 4s1 2w½ 22s½ 9w1 8s½ 3w½ 7 39
2 IM Wang Rui 2420 CHN 36w1 40s1 5w1 8s1 1s½ 3w½ 7w½ 9s1 6s½ 7 38.5
3 GM Nguyen Anh Dung 2496 VIE 35w1 48s1 10w½ 16s1 22w½ 2s½ 5w½ 18s1 1s½ 6.5 35
4 GM Megaranto Susanto 2536 INA 33s1 24w1 6s1 1w0 14s½ 10w½ 21s1 7s1 5w½ 6.5 34
5 GM Panchanathan Magesh Chandran 2493 IND 39s1 32w1 2s0 30w½ 31s1 19w1 3s½ 14w1 4s½ 6.5 33
6 IM Irwanto Sadikin 2441 INA 45w1 17s1 4w0 26s½ 35w1 30s1 8w½ 22s1 2w½ 6.5 33
7 IM Sadorra Julio Catalino 2431 PHI 29s1 19w1 1s0 27w1 15s1 14w1 2s½ 4w0 8w½ 6 34
8 GM Dao Thien Hai 2510 VIE 42s1 21w1 22s½ 2w0 32s1 24w1 6s½ 1w½ 7s½ 6 32.5
9 GM Villamayor Buenaventura 2468 PHI 37w1 16s½ 15w½ 40s1 25w1 23s1 1s0 2w0 24s1 6 32.5
10 CM Nguyen Van Huy 2422 VIE 46s1 27w1 3s½ 14w0 26s1 4s½ 22w½ 15w1 20s½ 6 31.5
11 FM Khamparia Akshat 2337 IND 57s½ 66w1 30s0 39w1 42s½ 41w1 14s0 27w1 23w1 6 28
12 IM Sitanggang Salor 2375 INA 51w1 31s½ 16w0 28w½ 33s1 17s0 44w1 30s1 25w1 6 27
13 Siregar Novian 2268 INA 60w½ 68s½ 44w0 54s½ 51w1 28s½ 37w1 26w1 22s1 6 24.5
14 IM Tirto 2406 INA 43s1 56w1 23w½ 10s1 4w½ 7s0 11w1 5s0 16w½ 5.5 32.5
15 IM Gokhale Chandrashekhar 2332 IND 64w1 20w1 9s½ 23s½ 7w0 25s½ 19w1 10s0 34w1 5.5 29.5
16 Yu Ruiyuan 2261 CHN 34s1 9w½ 12s1 3w0 28s1 20w0 29s½ 36w1 14s½ 5.5 29
17 FM Simanjuntak Sebastian 2242 INA 62s1 6w0 57s1 19w0 36s1 12w1 24s½ 23s½ 18w½ 5.5 28
18 IM Chiong Luis 2361 PHI 49s1 1w0 33s0 29w1 44s1 42w1 20s1 3w0 17s½ 5.5 27.5
19 Hakiki Kaisar Jenius 2189 INA 52w1 7s0 54w1 17s1 23w½ 5s0 15s0 32w1 33s1 5.5 27.5
20 GM Paragua Mark 2526 PHI 44w1 15s0 31w0 50s1 47w1 16s1 18w0 41s1 10w½ 5.5 26.5
21 Sutarno 2243 INA 55w1 8s0 35w0 60s1 37w1 40s1 4w0 34s½ 30w1 5.5 26
22 Yang Kaiqi 2429 CHN 38w1 25s1 8w½ 31s1 3s½ 1w½ 10s½ 6w0 13w0 5 32.5
23 GM Zaw Win Lay 2468 MYA 28s1 41w1 14s½ 15w½ 19s½ 9w0 31s1 17w½ 11s0 5 30
24 FM Anam Khairul 2345 INA 50w1 4s0 47w1 44s1 30w½ 8s0 17w½ 40s1 9w0 5 28
25 FM Daniel Howard Fernandez 2212 SIN 65s1 22w0 53s1 33w1 9s0 15w½ 34s½ 29w1 12s0 5 27.5
26 WIM Meera Sai 2155 IND 66s½ 57w½ 59s1 6w½ 10w0 38s½ 46w1 13s0 43w1 5 24.5
27 Suyud Hartoyo 2158 INA 67w1 10s0 58w1 7s0 43w0 51s1 38w1 11s0 45w1 5 24
28 Lee Kim Han Edward 2054 MAS 23w0 52s1 48w1 12s½ 16w0 13w½ 41s0 53s1 40w1 5 23
29 Soon Wai Cheong 2050 MAS 7w0 67s½ 55w1 18s0 68w1 35s1 16w½ 25s0 41w1 5 22.5
30 Koh Jonathan 2155 SIN 68w½ 60s1 11w1 5s½ 24s½ 6w0 32s1 12w0 21s0 4.5 28
31 CM Neubronner Jarred 2170 SIN 69s1 12w½ 20s1 22w0 5w0 45s1 23w0 43s½ 38s½ 4.5 25.5
32 WGM Ramaswamy Aarthie 2223 IND 61w1 5s0 45w1 35s½ 8w0 43s1 30w0 19s0 46s1 4.5 24
33 Tan Khai Boon 2129 MAS 4w0 50s1 18w1 25s0 12w0 53s1 43w½ 47s1 19w0 4.5 22.5
34 Lim Zhuo Ren 1871 MAS 16w0 37s½ 38w½ 45s½ 54w1 48s1 25w½ 21w½ 15s0 4.5 22
35 Neubronner Shannon Scott 2087 SIN 3s0 63w1 21s1 32w½ 6s0 29w0 36s0 58w1 52s1 4.5 21
36 Tan Weiliang 2040 SIN 2s0 69w½ 58s1 17w0 47s1 35w1 16s0 37w½ 4.5 21
37 Yeap Eng Chiam 2061 MAS 9s0 34w½ 65s1 41w½ 21s0 49w1 13s0 55w1 36s½ 4.5 20.5
38 Eng Andre-Jerome 2049 SIN 22s0 65w½ 34s½ 53w½ 39s1 26w½ 27s0 48s1 31w½ 4.5 20
39 Setiawan Iwan 2085 INA 5w0 61s½ 67w1 11s0 38w0 68s1 45w½ 50s½ 51w1 4.5 18.5
40 Zakaria Fairin 2207 MAS 59s1 2w0 56s1 9w0 49s1 21w0 42s1 24w0 28s0 4 24
41 WIM Panneer Ramachandran Priya 2208 IND 58w1 23s0 68w½ 37s½ 46w1 11s0 28w1 20w0 29s0 4 23.5
42 Zhang Jing 2091 CHN 8w0 55s½ 61w1 68s1 11w½ 18s0 40w0 51s½ 50w½ 4 21
43 Foo Benjamin 2003 SIN 14w0 58s0 64s1 59w1 27s1 32w0 33s½ 31w½ 26s0 4 20.5
44 Soh Han Loong Gerald 2109 MAS 20s0 64w1 13s1 24w0 18w0 50s1 12s0 46w0 63s1 4 20
45 FM Kapriaga Rian 2052 INA 6s0 62w1 32s0 34w½ 55s1 31w0 39s½ 49w1 27s0 4 19.5
46 Ong Way Justin 2044 MAS 10w0 54s0 66s1 69w1 41s0 56w1 26s0 44s1 32w0 4 19
47 Bao Khoa 2142 VIE 1s0 49w1 24s0 57w1 20s0 36w0 63s1 33w0 62s1 4 18
48 Anasrullah 2290 INA 63s1 3w0 28s0 49w0 69s1 34w0 60s1 38w0 55s1 4 18
49 Capel Evan Timothy 2002 MAS 18w0 47s0 52w1 48s1 40w0 37s0 59w1 45s0 54w1 4 17
50 Wee Chu En Kelvin 1998 SIN 24s0 33w0 62s1 20w0 66s1 44w0 56s1 39w½ 42s½ 4 16.5
51 Subramaniam Sumant 2003 MAS 12s0 59w0 63s1 56w1 13s0 27w0 61s1 42w½ 39s0 3.5 17
52 Ho Thi Minh Hien 0 VIE 19s0 28w0 49s0 67w½ 64s½ 68w1 54s1 35w0 3.5 12.5
53 Chan Michael 0 AUS 25w0 38s½ 33w0 57s1 28w0 0 3 17
54 Tay Kiat Boon 0 SIN 56s0 46w1 19s0 13w½ 34s0 62w1 55s½ 52w0 49s0 3 16.5
55 Law Mark 1845 HKG 21s0 42w½ 29s0 65w1 45w0 58s1 54w½ 37s0 48w0 3 15.5
56 Siew Kit-Tze Mark 0 MAS 54w1 14s0 40w0 51s0 60w1 46s0 50w0 67s½ 64w½ 3 15.5
57 Tan Ken Wei 1937 MAS 11w½ 26s½ 17w0 47s0 61w½ 59s½ 53w0 62w½ 58s½ 3 14.5
58 Wong Jianwen 0 MAS 41s0 43w1 27s0 36w0 62s½ 55w0 65w1 35s0 57w½ 3 14
59 Ow Jun Wai Ryan 0 SIN 40w0 51s1 26w0 43s0 63s½ 57w½ 49s0 60w½ 61s½ 3 14
60 S. Balendran 1917 MAS 13s½ 30w0 69s½ 21w0 56s0 66w1 48w0 59s½ 67w½ 3 13.5
61 WCM Ivana Maria Furtado 1814 IND 32s0 39w½ 42s0 66w½ 57s½ 63w½ 51w0 64s½ 59w½ 3 13
62 Masters Christopher 1841 HKG 17w0 45s0 50w0 64s1 58w½ 54s0 67w1 57s½ 47w0 3 12.5
63 Mohd Noor Ahmad Eizran Ezra 1921 MAS 48w0 35s0 51w0 67s1 59w½ 61s½ 47w0 69s1 44w0 3 12.5
64 Low Jun Jian 1933 MAS 15s0 44s0 43w0 62w0 65s1 52w½ 69s½ 61w½ 56s½ 3 10
65 Lee Kah Meng Elgin 1811 MAS 25w0 38s½ 37w0 55s0 64w0 58s0 68s1 69w1 3 9
66 Lee Kai Jie Edward 0 SIN 26w½ 11s0 46w0 61s½ 50w0 60s0 2.5 10.5
67 Khairul Nazmi Zainol Ariffin 0 MAS 27s0 29w½ 39s0 63w0 52s½ 69w½ 62s0 56w½ 60s½ 2.5 10
68 Ong Jun Xue Calvin 0 SIN 30s½ 13w½ 41s½ 42w0 29s0 39w0 52s0 65w0 2 12.5
69 Jia Hui Rujok, Najwa 0 SIN 31w0 36s½ 60w½ 46s0 48w0 67s½ 64w½ 63w0 65s0 2 11


KL Open 2008 - Closing Ceremony - Part 2

Below are the remaining photo's of the KL Open 2008 closing ceremony .

Why all this GM's and IM's smiling and gather at Peter Long ? - they actually wait for their cash prize money !

DYTM raja Nazrin Shah is saying something to IM Manuel Aaron during the chess legend simul.

The guys ( left) who is playing in the last round game had a Royal spectator on their side . An experience of a life time!

The Azman Hisham trio - from left : Nabil, Nabila and Najiha make their parents and country proud !

Indonesia youngster - Kaisar Jenius Hakiki (left) is a brother - "Kakak" for WGM to be - Irene Kharisma Sukandar. Interestingly in Malay , "Kakak" means sister whereas in Indonesia "kakak" means brother !

Indian chess legend - IM Manuel Aaron (left) with patzer blogger - Hairulov (right)

Indonesian IM Salor Sitanggang (right) is another chess legend in Indonesia. When i start to play chess about 20 years ago, his name always appear in the newspaper chess column . It's a honour for me to have this photo session with him.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Challengers Section KL 2008

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Azman Hisham Nur Nabila0MAS68s½21w125s½18w115s½23w122s12w15s17.534.537.540.00
2Lam Edwin1976MAS34w162s19w122s17w15s½3w½1s020w17.039.540.536.25
3Yeoh Li Tian1955MAS53s15w½26s133w14s½7w12s½9w16s½7.036.542.038.00
4Tan Kien Wei0SIN55s138w124s½11w13w½8s15w028s17w17.036.039.536.00
6Edy Suryanto0INA-0-055s148w132s119w112s110s13w½6.527.541.033.00
7Azman Hisham Mohd Nabil2009MAS35s113w118s115w12s03s016w114w14s06.035.041.532.50
10Lam Wai Hong0SIN37s½20w111s035w124s115w114s½6w026s16.030.036.530.50
11Aulia Merdina Warda0INA46w126s½10w14s022w½40s19w030s127w16.029.536.029.00
12Chan Cheng-Hoong Joel1896SIN64w19s048w142s15w027s16w031s122w16.029.035.525.50
13Wahyuza Andre0INA67w17s034w119s½39w042s129w116s18w½6.028.534.525.75
14Yeap Khuan Yee0MAS29s½68w+19w½43s19w116s½10w½7s024w½5.531.038.024.00
15Yap Qian Zhang, Jonathan0MAS63s129w152w17s01w½10s021w122s½19w½5.531.036.025.00
16Ajeet Singh Roshan0MAS60s122w047s127w133s114w½7s013w036s15.530.034.023.75
17Yeop Mat Zaki1654MAS48s147w122s053w1-068w133s½26w½18s½5.530.032.019.00
18Subramaniam Shreyes0MAS56s150w17w01s034w124s052w138s117w½5.527.531.520.75
19Demudu Subramaniam1933MAS21s½37w114s½13w½20w½6s040w123s115s½5.527.036.027.50
20Zakaria Mohd Faizal0MAS10s021w129w119s½50w½39s133w12s05.527.036.023.50
21Salleh Akmal0MAS19w½1s020s056w160s135w115s050w133s15.522.531.521.25
22Paragua Christine0PHI49s116s117w12w011s½39s11w015w½12s05.031.540.024.75
23Yew Chor Kuan0MAS42w152s068w+32w138s11s08w019w041s15.
24Azman Hisham Nur Najiha0MAS31w130s14w½5s010w018w126s034s114s½5.
25Subramaniam Sarika0MAS39w143s½1w½52s18w09s034w½42s129w½5.026.533.521.50
26See Kai Loong0MAS51s111w½3w039s057w162s124w117s½10w05.026.033.519.75
27Mappa Saharuddin0MAS8w061w141s116s052w112w045s139w111s05.025.032.518.00
28Toni Budi Santoso0INA-0-063s149w153s138w150s14w09s05.
29Latifah Kaiyisah Bt Mohd Lati0MAS14w½15s037w120s058s136w113s035w125s½5.
30Sonya Nyimas0INA32s124w053s034s047w155w149s111w038w15.022.029.520.00
31Ruslan Haslindah0MAS24s055w138s045w150s032w141s112w040w15.
32Michael Howard Fernandez0SIN30w060s159w123s06w031s048s144w146w15.021.029.518.00
33Saleh Fikri0MAS61s145w18w13s016w041s117w½20s021w04.529.536.519.75
34Lee Kah Howe, William0MAS2s036w113s030w118s044w125s½24w050s14.520.535.019.50
35Purnamasari Nora0INA7w057s139w½10s043w121s062w129s051w14.520.531.015.00
36Taibon Awaluddin0MAS9w034s067w147s142w½29s043w152s116w04.520.530.014.00
37Yat Guo Jie0MAS10w½19s029s068w+45w057s½55w151s½53w14.517.528.012.75
38Farrukh Aziz0PAK59w14s031w140s123w028s046w118w030s04.
39Jeng Kuen Yong0MAS25s066w135s½26w113s122w020w027s043w½4.
40Miranda Shawn Edgar0MAS41s18s062w138w051s111w019s045w131s04.
41Ahmad Johari Mohd Firdaus0MAS40w064s127w046s144s133w031w047s123w04.
42Latifah Syamimi Mohd Latib0MAS23s065w154s112w036s½13w056s125w049s½4.
43Aminuddin Muhd Faris0MAS66s125w½5s014w035s060w136s056w139s½4.019.529.012.00
44Mat Idris Saman0MAS47w051w145s18s041w034s054w132s052w14.
45Amier Hamzah Mohd Zuhri0MAS57w133s044w031s037s153w127w040s055w14.019.027.513.50
46Rashid Bin Jamaluddin0MAS11s056w150s041w061s151w138s053w132s04.019.025.512.50
47Manoharan Dinesh S.0MAS44s117s016w036w030s064s157w141w061s14.
48Low Jun Keat0MAS17w049w112s06s065w152s032w057s162w14.016.029.511.00
49Aminuddin Nur Farihah0MAS22w048s064w½28s067w158s130w062s142w½4.
50Foong Wai Lund, Shawn0MAS70s+18s046w19s031w120s½28w021s034w03.523.036.012.25
51Ee Sun-Xin0MAS26w044s066w159s140w046s063s137w½35s03.517.026.09.25
52Boey Jin Huey0MAS54s123w115s025w027s048w118s036w044s03.021.032.512.00
53Lee Kah Teng, Benjamin0MAS3w058s130w117s028w045s059w146s037s03.
54Saleh Anis Fariha0MAS52w067s142w057s½62w056w044s065s158w½3.013.520.05.50
55Khaw Yew Meng0MAS4w031s06w066s159w130s037s063w145s03.
56Johari Camilia0MAS18w046s058w½21s064w154s142w043s060s½3.
57Khaw Yew Onn0MAS45s035w065s154w½26s037w½47s048w066w13.
58Syed Sobri Syed Remizan0MAS5s053w056s½64s129w049w060s161w054s½3.
59Shieta Nyimas0INA38s063w132s051w055s061w153s060w067s13.
60Mohd Jalani Affan Amrish0MAS16w032w061s162s½21w043s058w059s156w½3.012.526.58.75
61Boey Jin Wern0MAS33w027s060w063s146w059s065w158s147w03.
62Halil Nur Feiqha0MAS65s12w040s060w½54s126w035s049w048s02.517.027.56.00
63Kok Cher Zheng, David0MAS15w059s028w061w066s165s151w055s064w½2.59.522.04.25
64Lee Tze Jiet0MAS12s041w049s½58w056s047w066s167w½63s½2.
65Sooi Ching Wei0MAS62w042s057w067s148s063w061s054w01.56.519.51.00
66Ng Jen Sheng0MAS43w039s051s055w063w067s164w057s01.
67Khaw Yew Tong0MAS13s054w036s065w049s066w064s½59w01.02.520.01.25
68Rusdi Tahir0INA1w½14s-23s-37s--017s0-0-0-00.54.530.03.75
69Johari Nikk0MAS71s--0-0-0-070w½-0-0-
70Shamsudin Amir0MAS50w--0-0-0-069s½-0-0-
71Syed Baharom Syed Rahmad0MAS69w--0-0-0-0-0-0-
Tie Break1: Fide Tie-Break
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break (with real points)